“Your small act can save a life”

is the motto that Usman foundation has always believed in and aims to serve as much people as possible with all the forms of act.
Usman Foundation Nepal (UFN) is a non-profit organization offering fundraisers for those in need in terms of health, education, and the environment. The organization is formed in the name of the late Usman Ali who was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy.
The organization aims to provide economic assistance to people with low economic status and people hospitalized due to life-long diseases. It targets to economically assist a maximum of ten needy people every year, with a maximum of one lakh per person. In order to receive the assistance, the needy person or the nearest responsible person must submit the following documents:
• Application
• Required proof/documents from the hospital as well as reference from the local government 
• Photocopies of the birth certificate or citizenship of the patient
• Citizenship or identity card of the patient’s nomine
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