Alvin Lamsal’s Story

Alvin Lamsal, a 17-month-old son of Sabita Sigdel Lamsal, a resident of Syangja, Chinnebas, Ward No. 6 of Biruwa VDC, has been diagnosed with cancer in his right kidney and underwent surgery.

The father was very strong when he was young. He didn’t look like a normal patient, but after a while, he got stomach ache and headache. He used to light a fire at home. The father was taken to Pokhara Hospital after his condition worsened and he was rushed to Pokhara Hospital after his condition became critical. Garo and later the doctor operated on the father with a strong decision. During the three-hour operation of the father, the father’s family had lost hope that the father would be fine. However, after some time, the father started having problems again. He was taken to GMC Hospital for treatment. When he was taken to the hospital, Dr. Bhojraj Jew checked his father from the beginning. After checking, he could not be taken to Kathmandu. The treatment started at Tess Hospital. Although the treatment cost was expensive, the treatment service was good and the father also started showing improvement.

He said that his family’s happiness and hope had been lost after three years. He said that his father’s cancer was being treated at Nepal Cancer Hospital, Harisiddi, Lalitpur. And because of the financial cost of cancer treatment due to the cost of my father’s previous treatment, my father came to our foundation to help. He was. Our Usman Foundation Nepal handed over Rs. We hope that this little help from us will help Babu Albin’s health and that he will get well soon.

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